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Herbert Boeckl is one of the most important representatives of 20th century art in Austria. He was an innovative artist and powerful teacher too.

Boeckl was an autodidact, he started in 1917 to draw and to paint landscapes, portraits, still lifes and also religious and allegorical subjects. His early work continued the tradition of expressionist art, then he went through various phases always giving color a very special role for the expression. His late work came up in examination of the international abstract art.


Boeckls oeuvre contains oil canvases, watercolors, drawings, tempera works and frescoes. As he was the leader of the daily evening class for nude drawing from 1939 until 1966 at the Academy of Fine Arts he was a very influential personality for many young students. Furthermore he was the rector of the Academy and so he leaved an imprint on the personnel and intellectual reconstruction of the Austrian art after the Second Worldwar.


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